To place an order for a TATTEEZ simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Take a picture of your tattoo or get a copy of your tattoo art from your tattoo artists.
  2. Save the photo as a jpg file, or scan your tattoo art copy to a jpg.file format.
  3. Fill in the image upload information on the left side of this page and click SUBMIT.
  4. Fill in the shirt ORDERING information on right side of this page and click ADD TO CART.
  5. You will be taken to your shopping cart and you can enter the shipping and Credit Card information and then complete the shopping cart.

Do this for each TATTEE you want to order.

When you have finished adding shirts to your shopping cart, then complete the order by clicking on VIEW CART button just below this text.


Complete this part before going to PART 2

Image Upload Form

You Must UPLOAD an image you want to use.


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Did you hear about us from a Tattoo shop?
If You heard about us from a tattoo shop, enter the shop's name below so we will know who to thank.

Verify Ownership
By uploading this image I verify that own the copyright to the image or that I have obtained the written permission of the copyright owner. I further acknowledge that JJ Nix reserves the right to reject any image at its sole discretion. If your image is found to be unsuitable in any way, your credit card will be refunded in full. I understand that JJ Nix Products cannot be returned or exchanged unless damaged or defective. I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions regarding JJ Nix Custom Products.

Upload your image
Try to use the .jpg format. We can handle most image formats but a .jpg image will email faster.

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Enter the characters from the image below.


When you complete this, then your order should be finished.
Place Your Order Here

Place Your Order Here

Tattee Size

Color of Tattee


Because this is a special ordering situation we want to make you aware of the following:

  • You are able to place an order for a Tattee WITHOUT uploading an image.
  • You may also upload an image WITHOUT placing an order for a Tattee.
  • BUT, if we don't have both parts, we cannot ship the order and we will have to cancel the order and charge a $5.00 handling fee.

So PLEASE, send us both parts of the order.

TATTEEZ are custom made so it takes a little while to make them.

After you have ordered your TATTEE it will take approximately
 2 weeks to deliver the finished product. If you have any questions
about your order you can call us at (405) 633-3453 or fill out our
contact form and send it to us.

Because Tatteez are custom made, orders cannot be canceled once they are placed with us.

Refunds are only made if there has been a mistake made on our part as to size or image placed on the Tattee.